Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bob Bradburn/Frank Callaghan - Saskatoon

"Saskatoon" b/w "Saskatoon"
(No Label)

Here’s what I think is the earliest record in my Saskatchewan collection. Two short civic pride anthems recorded by a pair of CFQC radio announcers.

Bob Bradburn’s “Saskatoon” is little more than a chorus (with requisite Bessborough and “City of Bridges” mentions), all swelling organ anchored by his stately voice.

Side 2 is a brighter affair, pitting 2nd Avenue and CFQC against the world, set against barroom piano and with a guitar way down in the mix. I prefer Frank Callaghan’s “Saskatoon” for his voice and turn of phrase, but the songs work well together: A two-sided 1960 Saskatoon coin. 


  1. Hey! I just came across this 45 in my collection and you're the only other person I can find online who's ever heard of this. I'm thinking there can't be too many of these around and my turntable needs a new needle, so thanks for sharing!

  2. 1958 Star Phoenix Music Radio CFQC 600 Platter Party Frank Callaghan Gordon Ross Mar 1 p5 - i have a newspaper clipping digital if you would like a copy at

  3. Until to-day, I was unaware my first radio boss,cut a record; very cool! R.I.P.,Frank.