Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool . . . Is "On Record"

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool . . . Is "On Record"
"Fifty Years Saskatchewan" b/w "Keep The Wheat Pool Rolling Along"
(no label SWP-1)

Here's a single commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's founding.

Side 1 features Jim Roberts putting his civic pride songwriting chops (see: "Saskatchewan" from the first RFS mix) to work for the wheat pool, with a shifting narrative condensing fifty years of history into less than two minutes. There's a lot to love here, though I'm especially fond of the backing vocals and the strings.

Side 2 is an a cappella number by Mel Friesen & The Mel-O-Tones covering much of the same ground, albeit with a look to the future. Unfortunately, my copy is slightly warped and will not play through.

Packaged in a gorgeous (and functional) one-sided picture sleeve with pasted on centre labels.

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