Monday, June 29, 2015

CC - Summer In Saskatchewan b/w Morning Rap Song

"Summer In Saskatchewan" b/w "Morning Rap Song"
(Z99 WRC3-5335)

Not much to say about this one, but in the interest of preserving history, here it is. 

"Summer In Saskatchewan" is little more than a rather specific rant set to music, though the female backing vocals, the arena rock guitar, and some bizarre panning of wordless vocals offer a tiny bit of respite. "Morning Rap Song" is CC in "Run DM CC" mode and would be even more unbearable than Side A if it weren't half as long. But if you can hang in for two minutes, you'll hear the single's most ridiculous ten seconds, which is really saying something. 

Released by Z99, I can only presume CC or co-writer/producer Dave Lloyd worked for the Regina radio station. 

All in all, a great example of why I'm hesitant to steer this ship into the 1980s. 


  1. I remember Z99 played the rap tune constantly that summer... The funniest thing about it is it's just a looped chunk of Kool Moe Dee's "Go See The Doctor". You can even hear the "Skeezer" in the background.

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